Journal of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences

Document Type : Original Article


Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences


Introduction: One of the moral challenges in the healthcare system is discrimination in providing care to patients. The present study aimed to report the experiences of nursing instructors and students regarding discrimination in nursing care.
Methods: This qualitative study was conducted using conventional content analysis through semi-structured interviews with 8 nursing instructors and 13 nursing students. The participants were selected using purposive sampling method. The data collection continued until data saturation. Data were analyzed using Graneheim and Lundman’s proposed method. Data collection and analysis were concurrent.
Results: According to the findings, discrimination paradigm, discrimination as a negative concept, and the role of nursing instructors (teaching moral values, being a role model, and evaluating moral standards) were identified as the main categories.
Conclusion: According to the results of this study, nursing instructors are recommended to introduce the students to moral topics, act as role models for them, and teach them how to deal with ethical challenges.


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