Journal of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences
Reviewers should use the Standards for Reporting Qualitative Research (SRQR) form or Consolidated criteria 
for reporting qualitative studies (COREQ)
to review the articles.

  The Journal of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences (JQRHS) greatly appreciates the time and support reviewers give to the peer review process.

Responding to our invite:

  The JQRHS sends invitations via the journal’s website and informs them through emails. We expect the reviewers to respond to the invitations on time so that we know the peer review process is being done on time.

  In our invitation, we will include the title of the paper and the paper’s abstract.


Reviewing a manuscript:

  The JQRHS is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal covering qualitative studies in the field of health. The published articles must be scientifically valid, technically sound, and make an original contribution to the literature.

  We ask reviewers to provide our Editors with the information they need to constructively and fairly make a decision on a manuscript and guide authors on how they can strengthen their manuscript to the point where it might be acceptable for publication.

  The methods must be appropriate and properly conducted, and the conclusions drawn must be fully supported by the data. We ask that reviewers do not assess the importance or significance of a paper - the research community will make this judgment after publication. The review should consider the following questions:

  • Is the paper technically sound?
  • Are the claims fully supported by the experimental data? If not, what further evidence is needed?
  • Are the claims appropriately discussed in the context of previous literature?
  • Could the manuscript be revised to address any potential limitations?

For more information on the different article types the journal considers, please rread the Guide for Authors on the journal's website.


The process of Peer Review is demonstrated below:

 Peer review/responsibility for the reviewers

  • Judgments are needed to be objective.
  • Reviewers should have no conflicts of interest regarding the authors, the research, and/or the research funders.
  • Reviewers should refer to related published work that has not yet been cited.
  • Reviewed articles should be kept confidential.
  • Editors are advised by reviewers; however, the Editors-in-Chief makes the final decision.
  • Reviewers should offer constructive comments to improve the article's quality.
last updated: 27-01-2024