Peer Review Process

The process of arbitration, admission and publication of articles in the Journal of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences
1- First review by the editor and members of the selected editorial board.
2- send  the article to 3 revewiers in order to evaluate and comment on the content of the article.
3. Submit the reveiewrs's answers to the author in order to make the reveiewrs' desired comments in the text of the article or receive a letter answering the reveiewrs questions if necessary.
4. Submit the revised version to the reviewers.
5- The final accept of the paper by the selected editorial members if the reviewers confirm the artilce .
6- send  the letter of acceptance for the author if the final acceptance of the article by the editor and editorial staff, and determining the time for publication of the article.
7. Submit the article to the editorial unit of the journal.
8. Submit the article's editorial unit comment to the author in order to make edits if necessary.
9. Submit the final form of the article in pdf file format for author's final review and approval.
10. Publish the article in due time through the official website of the publication.
11. If the reviewrs does not approve the submission, return to the author for further modifications and repeat steps 3, 4 and 5.

Note 1: The approximate time of the review process in the journal is about 3 months.
Note 2: revewiers should use the Standards for Reporting Qualitative Research (SRQR) form or Consolidated criteria
for reporting qualitative studies (COREQ)
for reveiw the articles.