Journal of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences
The process of admission, reviewing (peer review), and publication of articles in the Journal of Qualitative Research in
Health Sciences (JQRHS)
is shown in a flowchart below. In case you need more details, or for any questions,
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1- After the submission of the manuscript by the author, the first review is conducted by the journal’s editor and selected editorial board members. In this step, its title and content are evaluated in terms of compliance with the scope and aims of the journal.

2- The article is assigned to three reviewers so that they evaluate the manuscript and comment on it.

3- Reviewers' comments are sent to the author via the portal to make the required changes in the manuscript or write a letter to answer reviewers’ questions if necessary.

4- The revised version is sent to the reviewers.

5- The final acceptance of the paper by the selected editorial members is granted if the reviewers confirm the article.

6- The letter of acceptance is sent to the, and the estimated publication time of the article is determined.

7- The manuscript is sent to the editorial board of the journal.

8- Editors comment on the manuscript for the author, so that they make necessary changes and revisions.

9- The final version of the manuscript (PDF) is sent to the author for check and final approval. (Galley proof)

10- The article is now accepted to be published in one of the future issues of the JQRHS website.

* If reviewers do not approve the revision, the manuscript returns to the author for further modifications, and steps 3, 4, and 5 are repeated.


Note 1: The approximate time of the review process in this journal is about 3 months.

Note 2: Reviewers are required to use the Standards for Reporting Qualitative Research (SRQR) or Consolidated Criteria for Qualitative Studies (COREQ) checklists for reviewing the articles.

Further process of the publication of manuscripts is shown here

last updated: 17-01-2024