Journal of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences

The Journal of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences is published to disseminate the results of research in the field of health with qualitative rigor. Today, qualitative research is well-received in many health sciences, especially those working directly with people and their life experiences. In this regard, qualitative research is particularly important in nursing compared to other fields. However, there is also an increasing interest in qualitative research methods in other fields, such as psychology, psychiatry, sociology, medical education, and health. Today, many graduate students, especially Ph.D. candidates, employ this approach to formulate their final thesis.

JQRHS pursues the following objectives:

  1. Publishing original research results achieved by the qualitative approach and methods such as phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography, historical research, etc.
  2. Reflecting the critical attitudes of the readers.
  3. Assembling a set of qualitative research that can be useful in learning the research methodology in addition to the specialized use of collected resources.

last updated: 17-01-2024