Journal of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences

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Background: Hepatitis B is one of the most important diseases in the world that Imposes a very high costs to patient and health systems. women as well as the other women have the right to have the safe and desirable sexual relation and access to the need- based sexual and reproductive health care for themselves, their child and their sexual partners. the health needs of this group of patients in about reproductive health is not specified.
Materials and Methods: A qualitative approach was selected using in-depth interviews in the random selected hospitals and health centers of Tehran city in 2015.The number of 40 hepatitis b affected women and 30 reproductive health care providers were individually interviewed. Interviews were based on topic guides, including a series of broad interview questions which the researcher considered to explore and probe with the interviewee. Interviews were recorded and took from sixty to one hour and a half.
Results: After analyzing the data, we received to 88 codes and 186 items. We received to two theme(the need for information and the need for health cares).The need for information, had 2 categories(the need for information in patients and the need for information in health providers) and 4 subcategories().Also the need for health cares ,had 3 categories(Supportive cares,disease and reproductive health cares and capacity building cares) and 13 subcategories.
Conclusion: So that need assessment is the first step for designing and implementing a program, this study can help health providers to deliver a more quality services in the areas of hepatitis b and reproductive health.


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