Journal of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education & Psychology, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran



Introduction: Transgender people and those who have an undifferentiated gender identity face various personal and social problems due to their dissatisfaction with the gender role and the desire to behave differently from the gender role, focusing on this group is one of the issues in the field of health and psychology. The aim of this research is to understand more deeply the problems of this group.
Method: The method used in this research was qualitative based on Corbin and Strauss grounded theory. The participants were 15 members of the social network and the association of people with gender dissatisfaction, who were selected by a targeted method with the condition of having undifferentiated desire from childhood and its continuation until adulthood, and information was collected individually with the in-depth interview technique. After that, by extracting free codes with systematic grounded theory approach, they were categorized into categorical and axial codes and followed by extracting a conceptual model.
Findings: 54 free codes were extracted and categorized categories and axial codes. Causal factors, two categories of the feeling of living in another body were identified, and the experience of problems in social relations. Background factors were identified family challenges, positive and negative social reactions, disruption in peer relationships, and economic challenges. The intervening factors are called school environment problems and positive and negative life experiences in another category as consequences. individual support and coping methods were identified as the core of strategies.
Conclusion: Social contexts play an important role in aggravating the problems of people with gender dissatisfaction, family and school play an important role in this regard. Focusing on empowering these people for effective coping strategies is another important issue that should be considered. Due to the lack of recognition of this part of the society, public awareness is particularly important.


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